Why Choose an All Inclusive Vacation

mexican villa overlooking water

There are many reasons why our guests choose to spend their valuable vacation time at a private villa instead of staying in room at a hotel or all-inclusive resort. To help you decide if a villa rental is right for you, here are some of the top reasons:

Value – Divide the cost of your villa per person and you’ll discover you receive more for your vacation dollar than at a comparable hotel or resort. And most hotel rooms don’t have their own private swimming pool.

Privacy, Space and Comfort – Lots and lots of room to spread out: this is one of the best reasons to rent a villa. There’s plenty of room to be alone with your thoughts or a good book. There are comfortable, cozy common areas for family and friends to share laughter and good times. There’s also more than one bathroom.

Romance for couples – There’s no need to hang a sign on the door knob. Honeymoons and couple getaways were never more romantic. Who knows? You might just decide you never want to leave your exclusive, private villa.

Peace of mind for parents – You don’t have to worry all the time about where the kids are – they’re playing in the pool, of course. Some villas have games and movies, pool loungers, snorkeling equipment, kayaks and other toys for kids AND adults.

You don’t have to eat from a buffet – And you don’t have to prepare meals if you don’t feel like it. With cook services you can eat home-cooked, scrumptious meals of authentic Mayan and Mexican cuisine. You can dine at the dinner table, enjoy a poolside BBQ or dine out a local restaurant anytime you like.

You only have to go out when you feel like it – Because you have your own kitchen, you can stock your favorite breakfast items, snacks, fruits and other foods. This makes it possible to relax more and worry less about where to find your next meal. It also means you can enjoy coffee in your PJs and wear your swimsuit to lunch.

Friendly, professional service – We believe your villa rental experience begins before you arrive. From the moment you arrive until you return safely home, the team of professionals at Akumal Villas will provide you with friendly, prompt and courteous service.