Guest FAQs

I have heard a lot about Internet scams. How do I know that it is safe to book a house with Akumal Villas?

I sometimes get just as leery as you do when buying things over the Internet. If you ever have any questions about our legitimacy, please contact us for a list of references. 

When are check-in and check-out times?

Generally, Check In time is 3:00 PM and Check Out time is 11:00 AM.

Are all parties involved concerned about their financial security?

Yes they are. Perhaps it's best if we allow one of our villa owners to answer this question for you. This particular owner was asked by a prospective renter if it was safe to give us her deposit.


Here is a comment from a reliable source:


"I can vouch for the safety of reserving with Akumal Villas by the net , long distance or fax also. Akumal Villas has been managing and renting villas in Akumal for a long time. They have an excellent reputation and are exceptional hosts. The villas, I've stayed in two of them, are well appointed and comfortably home-like. We did some cooking and enjoyed just hanging out "at home". Don't miss the lagoon in Akumal and at least do some snorkeling. Enjoy!"


- Simon Lipstein, Assistant Attorney General Consumer Protection Section 1525 Sherman Street, 5th floor Denver, CO 80203

What are your terms and conditions? When is the deposit due? When is the balance due? What if I have to cancel? How do I get to the villa?

These questions and more will be answered by clicking on the Akumal Villas Terms and conditions




, which outlines our policy, as well as banking instructions, directions to the villa, terms and conditions and much more.

What if there is a hurricane? Do I get a refund?

Please click on the Akumal Villas Hurricane Policy to see what your rights are.

Is it possible to have someone cook a dinner for us in our villa?

If you would like the cook to prepare a dinner for you, please let the maid or the manager, know at least 24 hours in advance.


All cook services with caretakers are set up onsite.  You can also reserve a Private chef package https://www.akumal-villas.com/personal-chef-provided-akumal-villas

General FAQs

What should we REALLY worry about drinking and eating?

Nothing really. Please understand that this area is very accommodating to tourists and every restaurant knows to purify their fruits and vegetables, so eat up! The Mexicans purify their own food the same way. The fresh fruits and veggies are amazing and so inexpensive. There is a farmers' market in Akumal every Wednesday and Saturday. If you buy fresh fruits and vegetables yourself, it is best to soak them for 20 minutes in purified water with a few iodine drops, which can be bought in any grocery store in the area, before eating them. All the villas will have bottles of purified water for you to use.


Your villa will provide you with purified water to drink, cook, and brush your teeth with, etc. It will come in normal sized water bottles and a 20 liter blue jug in the kitchen, called a garrofone in Spanish.


Please do not brush your teeth or drink the tap water and don’t let shower water get in your mouth.


Ice can be eaten. It is made from purified water. The Mexicans and Mayans can’t even drink the tap water so therefore they will make ice out of purified water. Also, if you order a glass of ice water at a restaurant, they will give you purified water as they would not drink tap water either.

Where do I buy groceries?

We have a small but very good grocery store in Akumal called "Super Chomak". It's open from 7AM to 9PM seven days a week. You can get everything you need there including soft drinks, liquors, dairy products, things for breakfast and lunch, steaks, chicken, shrimp, lobster tails, pastas, produce, deli items, drug store items, etc. Also across the street there is another minisuper "El Pueblito" All alcohol sales stop at 2 pm on Sundays!


Stop on your way from the Cancun Airport to your villa in Playa del Carmen either at Soriana or City Club at Centro Maya, just as you leave Playa on the right side or go across th e road to Sams club. For Walmart you will need to turn left on Avenida Constituyentes and turn right on 30th it will be on your left side just as you pass MEGA Comercial which is another big supermarket. Accepts US currency. If you pay with US you will receive change in pesos.


Dining and Things to Do FAQs

What types of activities are available in and around Akumal?

The Riviera Maya is the Mecca of diving. There are dive shops in Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Xpu-Ha, Punta Soliman and Tankah. All offer open water courses (beginners and advanced), certification, night dives, cave dives and lots more. If you don't want to dive, try snorkeling. Either rent equipment or buy your own- I guarantee your first time won't be your last time! Shopping is also a wonderful experience here. Rugs, blankets, pottery and silver are some of the most sought after items. Tennis, golf, horse riding, sailing, deep sea fishing, parasailing and lazy days on the beach are some of the other many popular activities in and around Akumal.

What are some of the attractions of the Riviera Maya?

In a word- ruins! The Yucatan peninsular is famous for it's Mayan archeological sites and some of the most well known are located on the Riviera Maya. Coba, Chitchen Itza and Tulum are easy day trips. The Yucatan is also famous for it's cenotes, which are natural, freshwater pools. Cave diving and snorkeling are two popular cenote sports. The beach itself is also a huge attraction. The Caribbean water is almost always calm, warm and blue and the powder, white sand is like wearing slippers! We can't think of a better reason to visit the Riviera Maya!

Is there any entertainment at night?

In Akumal, there is are fabulous folkloric and Flameco dancing floor shows several weekday evenings at the Lol-Ha restaurant. La Buena Vida restaurant often has a band and dancing. Akumal has a stage which occasionally features live music or skits and the ecological center (CEA) offers evening programs. Only 25 mins north of Akumal, Playa Del Carmen offers a wide selection of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. You will find a wonderful array of live and taped music, with most clubs open until the wee hours.

Where do I go for a relaxing massage?

You don't need to go anywhere! You can enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own villa. Ask your villa manager and he will recommend you a massage therapist who will go directly to your villa.

Are there restaurants close by?

There are some fabulous restaurants in Akumal and most of them are clustered around the entrance. More great restaurants can be found in Puerto Aventuras, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. Apart from Mexican cusine, seafood is the speciality of this region, although you can also find Asioan, Italian, French and old standbys like TGIF and Burger King. Not all restaurants take credit cards and those that do only accept Visa and MasterCard. All accept US currency.