A Mayan love story

mayan carvings in limestone

The jungle of the Caribbean is ideal for a holiday in Mexico, but also the perfect setting for a Mayan legend. There is one beautiful legends at Xel-Há about two brothers, a princess and a great love story … Would you like to hear it?

The winds in Xel-Há whisper the story of a princess of indescribable beauty whose name was Nicte-Ha. Nature had designed the most beautiful of his daughters, eyes, mouth and smiles sweet and perfect as the dawn of a flower.

Not far from there lived two warrior princes. Brothers of equal strength of heart and soul. Kinich, the younger of the two, with eyes and face warm as the sun, was a warrior loved by all. He was respected because he was as balanced as the sea. When the foam of the waves were reflected in the eyes of Nicte-Ha, Kinich fell in love.

Tizic, the eldest, was a brave warrior of cold, dark eyes and angry soul. He was feared by all the souls of the world. The birds flew away from his presence because he was fury in person. Unfortunately, when Nicte-Ha sang with the dolphins, her voice became a melody of love flowers and honey that melted Tizic’s heart.

The gods predicted what would happen, and filled the sky with dark clouds. The forest and the ocean wept at the fiercest battle of love. The battle was cruel, the moon hid for seven nights, until finally, death came to both princes.

A long silence and wisdom of the gods allowed the two souls to find peace. On their knees, Kinich and Tizic begged the gods for forgiveness and asked for an opportunity to live, another day at Xel-Ha, and have the possibility of seeing their beloved princess again. The gods accepted.

Tizic was reborn as the chechen tree, with a powerful, dark soul that still threatens the living, burning the skin of anyone who dares to touch. Kinich was reborn as the chacah tree, forever loving his beloved princess and protecting those souls that Tizic puts in danger. His pure soul inhabits in Xel-Ha, healing the pain of the victims of the chechen tree.

And so the souls of the two brothers remain forever guarding its beautiful princess, the eyes like the sea and the voice like spring. They expect to remain so, forever, embraced in that moment, in that love. Source: Blog Xel-Ha/ Legends