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  • Banks and Money Exchange

    Traveler’s checks are the safest way to carry money. Almost everywhere you go will accept $US, but shops tend to give a lower exchange rate and you will receive your change in pesos. ATM machines are not always in abundance and credit cards are not widely used in smaller shops, hotels and restaurants.

    A tip regarding tipping – US coins are of no value in Mexico, please do not use them to tip for service. (Generally 10-20% is recommended in restaurants, depending on the service. In your villa, a tip of 5% of the rental is recommended.)

    There is a cambio – money exchange - located at the Cancun airport. There are also money exchanges and banks in Playa del Carmen. You can exchange money in Akumal at TSA. There are a number of ATM machines in the area including several in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. In Akumal, there is one located in the Super Chomak and another at the Bahia Principal.

    In Puerto Aventuras, the ATM machine is located behind the marina, next to Captain Rick’s Fishing Charters. There is also a money exchange in the marina, behind Café Ole. Banks are located in Playa del Carmen.