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The Riviera Maya has the world's largest coral reef in the Western Hemishpere and the second largest barrier reef in the world. Known as the Mesoamerican Reef, it runs from Cancun all the way to Honduras. This makes Akumal the perfect destination for a snorkeling enthusiast. There are a number of beaches that have fabulous snorkeling right from shore. Turtles abound from May to October, although there are turtles year round in the Akumal area. Try an exciting night snorkel tour and see the how the underwater world looks totally different in the dark. All you need is the basic snorkel equipment and a flashlight. You can also enjoy snorkeling at many eco parks in the area that offer underground rivers, cenotes, caverns and lagoons! You could spend a life time here exploring all the great snorkeling spots.

  • Bay Tour

    The snorkeling at Akumal bay is a short tour of the coral reefs in the bay. Where you can see the turtles in their natural habitat, swimming among them, stingrays, schools of fish, at a distance of 10 metrs from the beach. A guided tour will show you the wonders of the marine world in Akumal Bay.

    Duration: 1 hr
    Tour includes: Guide, Snorkeling equipment, Showers, Lockers.
    Price: $50 USD. Taxes included.

  • Snorkel Boat Tour Akumal Mexico
    Snorkeling Boat Tour

    If you are a Snorkeling nut, we have an excellent option for you! The snorkeling tour boat will take you to a special place called Yalkulito where the Caribbean waters mingle with the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula. Here the freshwater lagoon and sea salt mix create a beautiful visual effect called halocline, resulting in an unique underwater experience which is coupledwith big schools of a variety of fish.

    Duration: 2 hrs
    Tour includes: Guide, Snorkel Equipment, showers and lockers
    Price: $40 USD. Taxes included.

  • Night Snorkel Riviera Maya
    Night Snorkel Tour

    Another of the great activities we offer, is the night snorkel tour. This tour can make all family members, enjoy the extravagant colors of this paradise night, you will be delighted with the nightlife of marine animals such as the octopus, who has the ability to change color, corals with its intense color, etc. This is a tour that you can not acquire in your visit to Akumal.

    Duration: 1hr
    Includes: Guide, All equipment required, Showers, Lockers.
    Price: $40 USD. Taxes included.

  • Cenotes Snorkel Akumal Mexico
    Cenote Snorkel

    If you are looking for something different, there are cenotes snorkel tour. These caverns are doors to discover new worlds marine worlds, between stalagmites, stalactites, the nature mother adorns this corner of the Yucatan Peninsula with rocks and clear water.

    Duration: 2 hrs
    Price: $60 USD pp. Tax included
    Tour includes: Snorkel gear and vest, Round transportation, Entrance fees, Soft drinks, Guide