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    We have a small but very good grocery store in Akumal called "Super Chomak". It's open from 7AM to 9PM seven days a week. You can get everything you need there including soft drinks, liquors, dairy products, things for breakfast and lunch, steaks, chicken, shrimp, lobster tails, pastas, produce, deli items, drug store items, etc. The Chomak has fast food which includes pizza by the slice or whole pies, rotisserie chicken, hot dogs, etc. All alcohol sales stop at 2 pm on Sundays!. we recommend to make the main grocery shopping at the Supermarkets, as the grocery options in Akumal Playa are rather pricey.  In Akumal you can find an Oxxo and a Super Siete.  There is also La Europea where you can find great variety of wines in the gas station passing the bridge toward Tulum (in Akumal) by the federal road.



    Stop on your way from the Cancun Airport to your villa in Playa del Carmen either at Soriana or City Club at Centro Maya just as you leave Playa on the right side or go across the road to Sam’s Club. For Walmart you will need to turn left on Avenida Constituyentes and turn right on 30th it will be on your left side just as you pass MEGA Commercial which is another big supermarket. Grocery stores will accept US currency, but will give change in pesos.

    In Tulum, the San Francisco de Asis  is located on the right side of 307 at the 4-way stop light (where you would turn right to go to Tulum beaches, left to Coba, straight to Tulum Pueblo). Now, there is also a new Super Chedraui to the left on the road to the Tulum beaches.

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