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<h2>Our Blog <a class="rss" href="http://www.akumal-villas.com/rss/blogXML.php"></a></h2> <br/> <div id="blog"> <h5 style="padding-bottom:5px;">08/26/2013</h5> <h2>Turtle Walks Season</h2> <span class="double-border floatleft"> <img src="/styles/akumal-villas/deimages/EN/blog/blog2.jpg" class="border2" alt="blog2 - Turtle Walks Season" title="blog2 - Turtle Walks Season" style="float: left;" /></span> <p><p>From May to November is the time of turtle nesting, the two main species in this area are Loggerhead and Green, and Akumal is the place that they choose to nest. The Ecological Center of Akumal (CEA) offers daily night walks guided by specialized staff during the nesting season. Join us to observe and learn about this wonderful creatures and support our conservation programs. Turtle walks available from Monday to Friday 8:45pm- 12am. Donations are appreciated: Adults: $15, Kids $10 USD. Make Reservations at the CEA office.</p> </p> </div>